ESPN Little League World Series 2013 Commercial

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Parents Brawl At Little League Baseball Game Caught On Tape “Raw Video”

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Mo Farah Will In The Commonwealth Games

Rubbishing all the speculation about his participation in the upcoming Commonwealth Games, British runner Mo Farah has said that he will run in the games. Experts believe that Farah’s decision will surely give fillip to the organisers of the Commonwealth Games organisers especially when another noted runner Usain Bolt is still recovering from injuries and is unsure whether he will take part in the Glasgow event. Mo Farah, who has already won double medals in the London Olympics, has recently broken the news in his Twitter account. “Hi guys I will be running in the Commonwealth Games, see you in Glasgow,” Farah tweeted recently bringing a huge sigh of relief to the game orgies along with his fans and followers in UK and beyond. But the athlete has said anything surely whether he will take part in the 1500m event. “I havent decided in which event I will participate in the Commonwealth Games. There are multiple events like 1500m, 5000m and 10,000m and I am yet to decide on my events,’ said Farah recently when asked about the details of his participation in the games.

Meanwhile Mo Farah’s agent Ricky Simms had told the British media that the athlete still needs time to recover from the cramming he received during the London marathon last month. Farah could not perform as per the expectations of his fans and followers as he finished only at the eighth spot while some unknown athlete namely Wilson Kipsang emerged as the winner of the London marathon. Since this, rumours started brewing up that Farah may opt out from the impending Commonwealth Games. “Mo has only decided to participate in the games last week,” Simms told The Guardian. But with this recent tweet from the British athlete, people are looking forward to have a repeat show of the Olympic stint from Farah.

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Encino Little League – State Champions

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2010 Braves_0001.wmv Little League Baseball

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Little League Big Papi Showboats After Home Run

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Runners training for Maryland half marathon

The calm of winter season become a training season for a whole lot of avid runners awaiting for Maryland Half Marathon later this spring season. This is a part of WJZ’s extending community loyalty. The winner of previous year got the coveted County Cup earlier on Thursday.

Maryland Half Marathon trainings starts long before the runners go at the starting line in Spring. Now, this begins in the dead of the night. The founders of the race, this year, are imparting another event – a 5K to snatch even more runners at the finish line.

Maryland Half Marathon co-founder Jon Sevel told that a 5K is a lot more doable for the majority of runners out there. In order to include more runners, and more runners means more money being raised for the cancer center, which is the reason they were all there.

This year, half marathon will be in its 6th year and it would take place on 10th May, Saturaday. The money raised would go to Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center and University of Maryland Marlene. The winner would get a County Cup.

Kevin Kamenetz, the Baltimore County Executive, stated that they have the fastest people, obviously; therefore, this is now the 4th time when a Baltimore County resident has been the winner. And they appreciate that in bringing that cup back home to them. He added that this is a real fight. Running is just something that he is blessed to be able to do and to look at those people and realize they could not and the fight they are putting on is inspiring.

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