Go For A Run

There are many health benefits that are attached with running and regular jogs. Jonny Cooper is highlighting the benefits of the same that include a low chance of developing cancer and a good boost in your fertility.

If you are thinking through evolutions then running has definitely been a major part of the evolution of human species. Much before the invention of spears and darts, man used to do persistence hunting. This technique involved a group of hunters who would chase their target or prey for long hours which required a lot of stamina and lack of which leads to slow exhaustion. Read the rest of this entry »

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Run club running in the proper way

What began as a path to practice outside a gym has turned into the next big thing on the campus. Michael Caballero and David Alvarez have been busy since 2012’s Spring adding to ameliorate their run club, but the presence has amazed them.

Alvarez told that they have grown a lot. The biggest thing here is consistency. Having a solid group every time they come out and they have had a really good base of people that have been coming since the beginning of the semester and it has been increasing ever since.

For Caballero and Alvarez, it all began as an idea of bringing in other people together, but the idea has since turned a reality which they never anticipated. Michael Caballero told that it has been really great. The whole vision in the beginning, when they began, was to attempt to make something which could get whole FIU community involved – students or non students alike, and they have seen a transition towards realizing that aim, that vision.

In most gyms, group workout sessions do not tend to fit for others, but for this club, shaping friendships matter. Rhett Willamson, a veteran runner told that having people who he could run for social causes and at the same time they could challenge him is great. The guys who are taking part here are really fast. He added that it is really good to run with other people who are forcing him to get better but also be motivation for other people. It is a feedback loop, they motivate each other to keep in shape and keep running.

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