Rhein-Main Little League Baseball (1971)

Plaquemine Sporting activities Movie Score: five / 5

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3 Responses to “Rhein-Main Little League Baseball (1971)”

  1. KGB2101 Says:

    Man this video brings back some memories!! I played there from 72-76
    (8-12). Anyone who looks for friends from those times is welcomed to send a
    message. Good times!

  2. HanauMan Says:

    Man, I sure remember these baseball fields. They were on the back road from
    Rhein Main air base to Gateway Gardens. We were based in Hanau, would often
    come to RM to shop at the big BX there. Afterwards we’d park by the parking
    lot next to these fields and go and watch the planes coming in to land.
    There was never a game on when we were here. This was back in the mid –
    late 1970s. Nice video, shows the good parts of being an Army (or Air
    Force) brat.

  3. Don Kelly Says:

    Was this the same ballfield that was just outside Gateway Gardens? Parts of
    this looks familiar…I played LL ball there 1967-1969. We moved from there
    in early 1970. Do you have more pics and vids from that time? Did you go to
    school there at Rhein Main Elementary?