Little League Pitching Tips – Improving Your Form.flv

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| November 15th, 2013 | Posted in Little League |

11 Responses to “Little League Pitching Tips – Improving Your Form.flv”

  1. Jerry Padilla Says:

    I think he is talking about basic mechanics and about a pitcher that does
    not have to deal with runners taking leads. However, I understand your

  2. Anthony Morris Says:

    hello everyone can u guys go to my channel and check out my pitching video
    need u guys to comment on it so i can get some feed back please it would
    help me out alot thank you

  3. ItsGazify Says:

    Your not supposed to do this. Cause I’m in 12-13 league and when you put
    your front leg’s knee behind your back legs knee you can’t pick and you
    have to throw home. So if you do this you can’t pick off in 12-13 league

  4. Quel Ragazzo Says:

    Horrible Form.

  5. Riloman17 Says:

    Throws like my sister. I don’t have a sister.

  6. Jimmy Koskinas Says:

    This Blows!

  7. Bluecomet489 Says:

    horrible throw

  8. Jake Wester Says:

    This sucks

  9. jacob kusmierski Says:

    I suck at throwing

  10. David Rice Says:

    Biggest problem to this “form” is his throwing arm is too close to his ear.
    It looks like he is a catcher throwing out a runner at 2B.

  11. Jimmy Koskinas Says:

    Absolutely horrible!