Little League Pitchers Can Boost Pitching Velocity And Save Their Arms

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| March 10th, 2015 | Posted in Little League |

15 Responses to “Little League Pitchers Can Boost Pitching Velocity And Save Their Arms”

  1. Colin Everett Says:

    @aladansamat He is throwing the ball to the other fielders correct?

  2. Noah McDaniel Says:

    There’s no “weight shift” in pitching. Your moving your ass from the moment
    you lift your leg. You hear coaches tell kids to find a balance point.
    There is no balance point. You dont balance one you lift your leg; your
    moving downhill. The balance essence of it is to keep your head over your
    chest, and lead with your ass and keep your head over chest through the
    whole pitching motion.

  3. cecillane24 Says:

    try it in slo mo where u can see his arm & ball

  4. toole7 Says:

    get out over that front foot

  5. HomesliceDrummer Says:

    That front leg SHOULD be straight upon release, NOT bent. It has nothing to
    do with stride length. A bent leg means they didn’t drive towards that
    plate hard enough. No, not push off the mound, but the entire momentum
    towards the plate with the lower body. Take a look at Lincy’s leg at
    delivery, that thing snaps straight and hard, which is part of the reason
    why that skinny kid can throw the way he does. He goes to the plate HARD
    with his lower body and he has a huge stride for his height.

  6. TheRawlingsKid32 Says:

    the reason the 12 yr olds foot was off early is because his hips are open
    before he lands

  7. icedcarnage Says:

    lol ok guys the first baseman is catching a ball… so this is probably
    warm ups just before the game begins or in between innings or its just

  8. aladansamat Says:


  9. RDoctorD Says:

    Balance in the trunk and spine to stay on top as long as possible before
    delivery and release allows long stride and closer release point.. Youth
    pitchers should ensure proper conditioning of all muscle groups vs. Just
    muscles that focus on velocity. Big mistake.

  10. aladansamat Says:

    Dipshit. Spellcheck twice

  11. VanTheManEnt Says:

    Catching a ball, this is probably the infield warm up before the inning.

  12. Gabe S. Says:

    dude they’re freakin’ kids. let the kid pitch, dad. you’re as bad as those
    “toddlers and tiaras” moms. your kid or anyone you will ever “coach” will
    never be the next Sandy Koufax. Or, cause you’re probably a Yankees fan,
    the next Roger Clemens. “Goodness Gracious!!!” Signed, Suzyn Waldman

  13. che0xxpk Says:

    what the hell is the first basemen doing?

  14. homerfly56 Says:

    nice video, but put some more in motion pitching footage, thanks…

  15. aladansamat Says:

    @SpankyDesignz it warmup. Maybe you are the dilator