Little League Big Papi Showboats After Home Run

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| March 8th, 2014 | Posted in Little League |

25 Responses to “Little League Big Papi Showboats After Home Run”

  1. James Golden Says:


  2. pupnirn Says:

    Fat Ass Kid…. Good at that level cause he has leverage.

  3. knoplayer Says:

    He a midget?!

  4. 2cgel Says:

    those fences are like 150 feet though

  5. Joey Blanco Says:

    I don’t care if itslittle league, all the sportsmanship bullcrap is gone
    once you do that, lol nice homer man, but if I was pitching you’re only
    getting first base and some bruised ribs.

  6. lissabeeeee Says:

    he should be out for throwing the bat i got hit in the head in little
    league cause a kid threw a bat at my head after his homerun

  7. Michael Jaburian Says:

    steroids? hahaha

  8. Jake Ennen Says:

    WOW!!! HE SMAHED THAT……. 80ft

  9. Berna Doodle Says:

    this is swag.

  10. Viliamu Iosua Says:


  11. Fataland Michael Says:

    Actually cliff he scooted up to the plate not on it that’s how my coach
    made me hit

  12. Joe Hofland Says:

    This kid has more highlights to come if he keeps it up, he’s a mini Prince
    Fielder. Nice swing; good load, nice weight shirt, swings the knob, and has
    a QUICK Bat. You go man, it ain’t cocky if your good

  13. xPeppa mint6x Says:

    I know he Gould get called out or that

  14. Cliff Casey Says:

    Anybody notice the he is standing on top of the plate, out of the box?

  15. dette07 Says:

    his faced would be bruised after that

  16. macbookpro213 Says:

    little fat kid that’s the highlight of his life

  17. Jake Ennen Says:

    I mean… I get it when you “cheat” in baseball (Hidden Ball Trick, Derek
    Jeter last year when ball hit knob of bat) BUT doing this is one word….

  18. Brian Adams Says:

    Funny as hell…but that fat kid deserves a little chin music next time he
    comes to the plate. I wouldn’t let him show me up twice if I was that

  19. Adam PK Says:

    Did you see how bad he threw the bat

  20. River Wilson Says:

    Those fences are 200 feet

  21. Trace Decker Says:

    What a show off I can do that anyday

  22. Adam PK Says:


  23. Sports8787 Says:

    Since when is he a righty?!?!

  24. zippity dandy Says:


  25. devon skenandore Says:

    Haha thats awesome