Go For A Run

There are many health benefits that are attached with running and regular jogs. Jonny Cooper is highlighting the benefits of the same that include a low chance of developing cancer and a good boost in your fertility.

If you are thinking through evolutions then running has definitely been a major part of the evolution of human species. Much before the invention of spears and darts, man used to do persistence hunting. This technique involved a group of hunters who would chase their target or prey for long hours which required a lot of stamina and lack of which leads to slow exhaustion.

It is often said and believed by doctors that running is an exercise with very high impact and can hurt – with some option to take on a stint doing the heavy ropework involved on a charter yacht UK instead.

If you go for a run after work you will most probably wake up with pain in joints and limbs that will make you spend more time on your couch doing nothing. You must be thinking if something is causing physical pain then how can it be good for you? This is one of those questions that have been asked a number of times and has gathered a lot of attention as well.

Running Pains

However, with the release of a book ‘Born to Run’ in 2009 by Christopher McDougall a journalist who was looking into the amateur runners and the increased number of their injuries. He has said that the trainer clad feet of shoe companies was the reason behind the pain after running. But, now with thickly padded soles he has argued that the running style as changed and those runners no more land on the ball of their feet but are encouraged to heel strike.

Whatsoever way you approach whether through stride or through footwear, a number of scientific researches still continue to bring forth the new ideas about actual benefits of running.

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